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Session Name:

Advergaming, Game-Based Messaging, and Marketing II


Advergaming is arguably one of the sub-sectors within the serious games industry that's the furthest along in the space. Previous Serious Games Summits have spent little time exploring and outlining the field of advergaming, game-based messaging, or even the growing trend of using games and game culture as overall marketing approaches. Yet the field continues to grow in dollar value and impact.

This year, a four-hour block of advergaming content is presented over two-days which explores all aspects of the advergaming and game-based market field including:
Stand-alone casual advergames
Large scale advergaming efforts such as AMERICA'S ARMY and NAVY STRIKE & RETRIEVE
In-game product placement
The role of original games in driving PR
In-game billboards and video advertising
Marketing and sponsorship tie-in projects, such as pro-gaming leagues
Non-profit and social messaging, such as CATCH-THE-SPERM
Propoganda and political advertising

By exploring the commercial, social, and psychological aspects and impacts of advergaming, attendees learn more about how games are impacting a significant industry and organizational tool. This session explores commercial-marketing, governmental, and non-governmental efforts.


10:15-11am: Kenny Rosenblat, Dave Madden, Gerard Lafond, Kim Gregson, "Advergaming Rapid Fire"

Description: How do we cover as many ideas as possible in several hours about a field growing as fast as advergaming? In this presentation, several participants join a host who will ask a question and each panelist will have but 1-2 minutes to answer. This is advergaming afterall - so if you can't get your message out faster then the average gamer will give your game to be as interesting you're toast. Join our panel as we explore important questions about advergaming without the long drawn out answers!

11-11:15am BREAK

11:15-11:40am: Mike Burns, "What Do We Want First Time Adopters of Advergaming to Know and Expect?"

Description: Whether you are a client or a developer, profit or non-profit, what is it seasoned pros of the advergaming field think you should know before you embark on your first project? During this presentation, Mike Burns of Fuel Industries will cover critical points that every first-timer should take to heart, including: what clients should and shouldn't care about; what to work on during production; how to handle and set expectation;, the critical roles played by client and developer; and, issues that might affect advocacy games.

11:40am-12:05pm: Chris Chambers, "America's Army"

Description: America's Army is considered one of the most successful advergames of all time. It's also fairly atypical for advergaming because it is not in the typical casual/browser-based mold. The game has also invested heavily in community, and in being embedded into offline recruiting processes and campaigns. In this talk, Chris Chambers from the Army Game Project will summarize the critical advergaming and messaging lessons they've learned in developing America's Army.

12:05-12:30pm: Dave Madden, "Where are We Now and Where are We Going?"

Description: Dave Madden of WildTangent will close out the advergaming block by presenting an important summary of what is working in advertising right now and where it might be going as it matures beyond the early successes. Key questions he will answer include, what advergaming budgets are looking like, where in-game advertising is, how consumers are reacting, what sort of standards are being set, and what sorts of opportunities advertisers and marketers are looking for.

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