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Sex in Games: Hardcore


WARNING: Discussion at this roundtable may include descriptions of graphic sexual activity that may be offensive to some. Please do not come if you are offended by such discussion or are under the age of 18. Hardcore "AO" games are here to stay. Last year's crop of sexy games are on their way to sequels or expansions and a new group of games is ready to push the boundaries even further. Online games like DreamStripper and VirtuallyJenna let players explore their wildest fantasies and fetishes, and emerging technologies like teledildonics and MMOVSG (massively multiplayer on-line virtual sex games) are changing the way we perceive the word "play". Meanwhile, huge issues face the AO industry. It is hampered by distribution issues. Legislators seek to ban or heavily restrict AO sale, and retailers wont carry it. First party support is non-existent, and middleware vendors deny access. Corporate concerns and development issues are unique, and some cant even talk openly about the work they love to do. Until now, AO developers have been isolated from each other and the industry. To top it off, industry scandals have given mainstream America their first taste of sex in games, and it wasnt a good one. As a follow-up to last year's Sexuality in Games roundtable, Sex in Games: Hardcore focuses exclusively on AO content and examines the state of the AO industry, player expectation, distribution and development issues, emerging technologies, best practices and AO content in M-rated games. This roundtable hopes to bring those interested in the development of AO content together to probe their minds to see what issues and ideas they have, how they address them and to set a course for the future.

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