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Amazon Developer Day (Presented by Amazon)


Learn more about our latest devices, including Fire phone and Fire TV. Fire phone lets you create games that respond to customers in a new way with Dynamic Perspective, and Fire TV makes it easy for Android game developers to reach a new audience in the living room. We'll provide details on the SDKs, show you how other developers are using these features and help you get started. You'll also hear more about the AWS services that will help you evolve your game and Appstore APIs that can help you make more money and engage more customers on our devices.

Reach Cross-Platform with Amazon Appstore for Android
Dave Isbitski, Amazon
The Amazon Developer day at GDC EU is the place for game developers to learn about building for the Amazon Appstore. Learn about the platform's reach and scale, Amazon's Fire OS, an Android-based platform, and our latest devices and services in Europe.

(15 min)
Introduction to Amazon Appstore
Dave Isbitski (Amazon Appstore)
Learn more about Amazon Appstore's Fire OS, an Android platform, with an overview of global coverage, our APIs and our device ecosystem.

(30 min)
Appstore 101
Dave Isbitski (Amazon Appstore)
75% of Android apps just work on Amazon Appstore. In this session, learn how you can easily submit your existing Android apps to the Amazon Appstore with little to no work. You'll hear about the basics of building for Amazon Appstore, how to test your games, and next steps to get started.


Engage More Customers with Immersive Game Experiences on Fire
Dave Isbitski, Amazon
Fire, the first phone designed and produced by Amazon, enables you to create new experiences that respond to the way the customer holds, views and moves the phone, and helps customers engage more deeply with your app through the enhanced carousel. First, you'll get acquainted with Fire's hardware and the Dynamic Perspective and Firefly SDKs. Then you'll hear from experienced developers about building innovative new games for Fire.

(30 min)
Introduction to Fire Phone
Dave Isbitski (Amazon Appstore)
In this session, you'll learn more about the hardware, the Firefly and Dynamic Perspective SDKs, Amazon Developer Select, submitting to the Amazon Appstore and best practices for developing great games on Fire.

(20 min)
Discovering Dynamic Perspective with To-Fu Fury
Terry Haynes & Darren Anderson (HotGen Ltd)
Built just for Fire phone, To-Fu Fury is a new game exclusive to Amazon. Get a first look at the game and hear from Amazon partner HotGen on their experience building with Fire phone's Dynamic Perspective technology.

(40 min)
Launching Enhanced Games on Fire Phone
Dave Isbitski (Amazon Appstore)
We'll introduce you to the Dynamic Perspective SDK's unique technology, including the series of APIs and Controls to help developers create peek, tilt and zoom capabilities within their games based on customer head movements, create multi-dimensional game play, or provide quick navigation menus by tilting the device to the left or right.


Increase Your Reach by Engaging Customers in the Living Room
Jesse Freeman, Amazon
Fire TV can help you increase your customer base by putting your existing game in the living room, in front of people who enjoy entertainment and may not have seen your games before. Learn more about Fire's capabilities and the SDK, hear from developers about their experience with Fire TV, and learn how to port and optimize your game for the big screen, including how to implement controller support.

(1 hr)
Introduction to Fire TV
Jesse Freeman (Amazon Appstore)
In this session you'll get introduced to the hardware and what it offers for game developers looking to take their mobile and desktop games into the living room.

(1 hr)
How to Optimize and Publish Games for Fire TV
Jesse Freeman (Amazon Appstore)
We'll discuss how to optimize your game for the Fire TV. You'll learn how to implement controller support, build for HD resolution and how to deploy your game to the Fire TV itself. We'll also cover the basics of taking a mobile game and adapting it for Fire TV, which supports casual games out of the box with the Fire TV remote.


Architect Your Games for Maximum Profitability, Scale and User Engagement
Jesse Freeman, Amazon / Steffen Krause, AWS / Mike Hines, Amazon
You'll hear about the AWS services that will help you evolve your game to take advantage of cloud patterns such as in-game asset download, saving games to the cloud, online gameplay / stats, and game analytics. We'll also teach you how to publish HTML5 games to Fire phone, and discuss services that can help you engage more customers and make more money.

(45 min)
Building Cloud-Powered Mobile Game Backends
Steffen Krause (AWS)
(AWS) Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes development of a cross-platform mobile application easy. With highly scalable cloud services such as Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS; Amazon Cognito and mobile analytics, mobile developers can build powerful cloud-backed mobile applications with just a few lines of code. The AWS backend services help you in storage, authorization and authentication of users and devices, data synchronization storing game data and much more so you can focus on differentiating your app functionality and leave the 'table stakes,' that's not adding any differentiated value, to the cloud.

(40 min)
5 Keys to Success When Building HTML5 Games
Jesse Freeman (Amazon Appstore)
With the launch of Fire phone, HTML5 web apps are now available to customers across mobile devices to reach millions of Appstore customers in nearly 200 countries across the globe. You can now build applications that take advantage of the innovative Dynamic Perspective user interface, app widgets and one-handed shortcuts like tilt and peek. We'll demonstrate how Amazon enables publishing these kinds of HTML5 games to Fire phone.

(35 min)
Make More Money with In-App Purchasing, Mobile Ads and Physical Goods
Mike Hines (Amazon Appstore)
According to an IDC Study, 65% of developers say total revenue on Amazon Appstore is similar or better than on other platforms. In this session, we'll share how developers can leverage Amazon devices to bring in net new business and increase reach. Learn how to optimize your purchasing UI and merchandising to drive incremental conversion that maximizes the impact on your bottom line.


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