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Session Name: (304) Independent Games Summit
Speaker(s): John Baez, Jonathan Blow, Kevin Bruner, Simon Carless, Russell Carroll, Jenova Chen, Jamie Cheng, Ryan Clark, Greg Costikyan, Kyle Gabler, Dave Grossman, David Jaffe, Daniel James, Jonathan Mak, Lloyd Melnick, Kim Pallister, Sandy Resnick, Kellee Santiago, Matt Smith, Kim Swift, Steve Swink, Steve Taylor, Jacob Van Wingen, Matthew Wegner, Derek Yu, Eric Zimmerman
Company Name(s): the Behemoth, Number None, Inc., Telltale, Independent Games Festival, Reflexive Entertainment/Game Tunnel, thatgamecompany, Klei Entertainment, Grubby Games Inc., self-employed, 2D Boy, Telltale Games, Eat Sleep Play, Three Rings, Queasy Games, Playdom, Intel, GameTap, thatgamecompany, Gastronaut Studios LLC, Airtight Games, Enemy Airship, Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee, Gastronaut Studios LLC, Flashbang Studios, Independent, Independent
Track / Format: Game Design

GDC 2007

John Baez

the Behemoth

Jonathan Blow

Number None, Inc.

Kevin Bruner


Simon Carless

Independent Games Festival

Russell Carroll

Reflexive Entertainment/Game Tunnel

Jenova Chen


Jamie Cheng

Klei Entertainment

Ryan Clark

Grubby Games Inc.

Greg Costikyan


Kyle Gabler

2D Boy

Dave Grossman

Telltale Games

David Jaffe

Eat Sleep Play

Daniel James

Three Rings

Jonathan Mak

Queasy Games

Lloyd Melnick


Kim Pallister


Sandy Resnick


Kellee Santiago


Matt Smith

Gastronaut Studios LLC

Kim Swift

Airtight Games

Steve Swink

Enemy Airship

Steve Taylor

Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee

Jacob Van Wingen

Gastronaut Studios LLC

Matthew Wegner

Flashbang Studios

Derek Yu


Eric Zimmerman


free content

Game Design