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Session Name: AI Developers Rant!
Speaker(s): Kevin Dill, John Funge, Dave Mark, Borut Pfeifer, Steve Rabin, Adam Russell
Company Name(s): Lockheed Martin, Netflix, Intrinsic Algorithm, Independent, Nintendo of America, wallFour
Track / Format: AI Summit
Overview: Sometimes things just need to be said. Saying them out loud in a room filled with (hopefully) like-minded people just makes it all the more interesting and cathartic. Seven AI developers from all corners of the industry will deliver quick, to-the-point rants about what's on their mind. Topics include AI design and programming, working with other portions of the dev team, working with academia, the perception of game AI by the public, scripting languages, and even those scary floating point numbers! Whoever said AI programmers only sit with their heads down over their keyboards?

GDC 2010

Kevin Dill

Lockheed Martin

John Funge


Dave Mark

Intrinsic Algorithm

Borut Pfeifer


Steve Rabin

Nintendo of America

Adam Russell


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AI Summit