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Math for Game Programmers: Solving Nintendo's CodinGame Challenge


CodinGame is a site where coding puzzles are presented and you can solve them online for fun. One of the "Very Hard" puzzles is a Nintendo sponsored puzzle, which grabbed Mike's attention. Although he will walk through his specific solution, the solution itself isn't the point. He'll walk through his whole process from figuring out what the problem actually was, to researching a couple of finer math points, to optimizing the final result. It's a case study in process rather than a particular solution. He'll cover the initial data analysis to figure out the problem (and all the dead ends I went down that didn't produce fruit) and the various strategies for solving (and rediscovering some of the finer points of Knuth's work). Concretely, he'll also provide math background on polynomials, galois fields, polynomial factorization and the Berlekamp algorithm. He'll tie specific processes or approaches to other problems others are likely to encounter in games and tools (e.g. CRC) to ensure it's relevancy and to keep it from being just some solution to some random puzzle.

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