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Session Name:

Advanced Graphics Tech: "Async Compute: Deep Dive" & "Raster Ordered Views and Conservative Rasterization"


"Async Compute: Deep Dive":
Alex Dunn (NVIDIA) and Stephan Hodes (AMD) will discuss how Asynchronous Compute is an important feature of new APIs and an essential know-how for developers using these APIs. In this talk, They'll give a wide range of advice, from high to low level, including case studies, live examples, and overview of available tools, to make a game engine benefit from asynchronous compute.

"Raster Ordered Views and Conservative Rasterization":
Rahul Sathe (NVIDIA) and Evgeny Makarov (NVIDIA) will discuss how conventional MSAA rasterization can result in a lot of overhead throughout the rendering pipeline. They show how hardware MSAA can be combined with ROVs instead of conventional render targets during rasterization for better AA at reduced cost. They also demonstrate a technique that uses conservative rasterization to place the sample(s) in a fully programmable way. They use raster order views to ensure that pixels along the shared edges of the triangles generated by clipper are handled correctly.

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